Stadium Illustration Series

Not so long ago I started creating some illustrations of famous football grounds across the UK. This has now developed into a small series that I plan to continue on for the next few weeks. All suggestions of the next stadium I should illustrate are very welcome.

 Below are some of the grounds i've created so far.

All of these are available as prints in my shop here :)

Euro 2016 Prints #24Teams24Days

All finished on my Euro 2016 #24teams24days project, Ive released the majority of them here in my shop for sale as prints.

Incase you missed it #24teams24days is a series of illustrations for the 24 nations competing at the 2016 European Championships Finals. I Started on the 18th of May, releasing one illustration each day across my social media channels in a 24 day countdown to the tournament’s opening game on June 10

Have a look at these illustrations as A3 prints HERE

#24Teams24Days Project - Q&A

This week I did a little Q&A with the lads over at on my #24teams24days project for Euro 2016. 

You can read the full interview HERE 

I will be releasing these illustrations as prints here on my website one by one on the lead up to Euro 2016. 

F.A.I. Junior Cup Final 2016 Poster Design

I was recently commissioned by Aviva to design two posters for this years F.A.I Junior Cup Final.

The concept behind these match posters starts with a play on the names of both finalists, Sheriff Y.C and Pike Rovers.

As you can see the Sheriff Y.C. idea was an obvious one as I chose a Sheriff to represent the Dublin club. For Pike Rovers I chose a soldier armed with a pike, better known as a pikeman. The intent here was to depict these old fashioned characters in a modern day battle between the Sheriffs of Dublin and the incoming Pikemen from Limerick.

Both posters are available to buy as prints here

The Life and Times of Fernando Torres

I was commissioned by Bleacher Report UK to create an piece to celebrate the 32nd birthday of Fernando Torres. The brief was to illustrate Fernando at all the clubs he has played for but also show how his time at each club turned out (trophies aside) . I decided to use head shots of Torres in the colours of each team and used his facial expression as a way to describe his form at each club.

Johan Cruyff Tribute

I was commissioned by Bleacher Report UK to create an image of Johan Cruyff for a Cruyff special that they ran across all their social media channels. The illustration also featured in a great article titled 'The Church of Cruyff' by David Winner

In the image I was asked to include some quotes that would highlight the type of player Cruyff was and how highly regarded he still is in the footballing world today.